Dr. Panna Miskolczi

MSc Applied Mathematics
MSc Teacher of Mathematics 
PhD in Business and Management

I am the founder of M2 Mathematics. Math has always played an important role in my life. I loved math already in elementary and secondary school and attended a number of competitions. It was evident what field to choose when I went to university. I graduated from the University of Debrecen (Hungary) as an applied mathematician in 2009 and became a math teacher in 2011. The subject of my doctoral thesis was the issue of risk measures.

I have several years of teaching experience (in various fields). As a first step, I became a teacher at the university: I held lectures and practical courses in the field of math and statistics to students majoring in subjects other than mathematics. It was important for me to work with various age groups so I also took a job as a secondary school teacher. Besides regular classes I had workshops and prepared students for various math competitions. I moved to Switzerland in 2012 where I became acquainted with the local education system. I successfully prepared students for the secondary school entrance exams and I also worked as a teacher in the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme. At the moment I hold lectures at Cézár Ritz Colleges on Mathematics for Hospitality Business, Business Statistics and Calculus, and at United International Business School (UIBS) on Pricinples of Finance and Calculus.

I have always loved teaching. My ambition is to present the beauty mathematics can offer, support talents and anyone who is interested in this science and also to address potential fears people may have about this field. Another important aspect for me is to deliver knowledge as precisely as possible with the help of creative and innovative methods. I get on well with anyone no matter which age group they are in and we have a good time during the lesson.

Besides dealing with math, I like travelling, discovering new places and going on hiking trips. I have been playing basketball since the age of 10 and if I have time, I go jogging. If I prefer to stay indoors due to the weather, I pursue another hobby, I do jigsaw puzzles.