About us

M2 Mathematics academy was established to help children and young adults learn about the beauty of mathematics and various fields where you can apply this science. If you are interested in math, you can choose from a range of courses or tailor made individual trainings to deepen your understanding, extend your knowledge and prepare for competitions or exams. We are also offering several workshops and organising events in math related topics.

Our Goals

We are determined to improve quantitative skills, logical, mathematical and algorithmic thinking. We give particular focus on presenting the beauty of mathematics and deliver knowledge you can use and apply in various fields (such as economy or computer science). This concept is used with the aim of improving your creativity and not least your self-confidence throughout the courses and workshops. We believe that besides personal improvement, these skills can increase career opportunities and help you achieve success.

How to achieve this? 

Qualified trainers. Our colleagues are qualified, experienced teachers, an indispensable condition to ensure high-quality trainings. Learning materials are developed based on prior consultation and discussion according to the topic and level of the course. We use a modern approach to deal with the topics with age-appropriate explanations that are easy to understand.

Trainings are held individually or in small groups. Besides individual focus and improvement, small groups (up to 6 persons) are also useful to learn how to work together in a team. It is a good opportunity to develop your communication and presentation skills. Moreover, you can meet students with similar interests and age. If you prefer to choose an individual training, we will develop a tailor-made programme for you, according to your needs and goals.

​We look forward to hearing from you!